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    Medical evacuations
    Confidence, Effeciency and Professionalism

    Are the Key words as we deal with Patient's Life
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    All solutions are developed by professional technicians under control of the medical board.

    No compromise on security and confidentiality


Nazounki was the first name of the father of Dr Gnoumou. He devoted his life to promote education and health in rural villages and contributed to the decline of certain practices such as facial scars, mutilations. Choosing his name is a sign of respect to what he did.

Nazounki was created in order to respond to a real need which, as a doctor, Dr Gnoumou could not avoid. Before Nazounki was created, patients from Africa were sent to hospitals in Europe and the USA in complete anonymity. Isolated and sometimes not speaking the language, they usually waited for weeks before their disease was identified and they were sent to the right services and supported by the right specialist. 

Not to mention the daily cost of a stay in a hospital, time could have serious consequences on their health. Besides, some of the colleagues of Dr Gnoumou in Africa have taken the habit to contact him every time one of their patients came to Europe. Surgeon and fully in duty , Dr Gnoumou could not answer all their requests. So one day, he chose to create this activity, for patients who wished to be accompanied by professionals, responsible for their care and recovery.

The philosophy of Nazounki is that the interest of the patient comes before all other considerations. For example, Nazounki is sometimes obliged to refuse a patient: either because of the medical regulations of the host country or simply because they think that our Professors will not be able to give enough satisfactory improvement. Even so, Nazounki makes it their duty to inform the patient as soon as possible, they also avoid him from nourishing useless hopes or engaging unnecessary expense. Therefore, the aim is not to lower the quality of the medical care but to have a very tight planning to lower the duration of the stay abroad. 

Nazounki has a network of over 1500 specialists and professors internationally recognised After ten years of experience, Nazounki is able to select the right specialists and professors in any fields of medicine all over the world. 

  • Each one is a reference in his discipline.
  • They make themselves available to advise or provide a second opinion, to take care, and/or support patients sent by Nazounki.
  • They are extremely involved in providing the best quality of medicine for each patient; they are the key of Nazounki’s success.
  • They will recommend the most suited Ehealth solution
A network over than  1500 specialists and professors internationally recognised

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