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    Medical evacuations
    Confidence, Effeciency and Professionalism

    Are the Key words as we deal with Patient's Life
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    All solutions are developed by professional technicians under control of the medical board.

    No compromise on security and confidentiality

Medical Evacuations


The right treatment :  an independent expert committee ensure your case review in order to send you to the right specialist in the right hospital, and make sure you are getting the right treatment. Our Medical Committee, chaired by Dr Sayavé Gnoumou , is a team of specialists.

As a quality control person, they won’t provide direct care to any patient followed by Nazounki. They will make sure that the patient is having the right treatment in the right hospital, ensuring respect, security and consideration. 

They will take time to listen, then to explain the different choices of treatments and the duration. Finally they will be there to answer to all of your medical concerns, to whom has the right to get such information. (The patient, his family, his home doctor). They will be in touch with your doctor in your country therefore your post-cure plan will be planned on the right way. The Medical committee is in charge of the definition and the conception of solutions using ICtools to solve health challenges.

Nazounki Logistic Team : Our logistics team is able to help from home to home, should your case need a special air ambulance or regular flight, they will take care of all aspects ; transportation (in the Air or on the ground) accommodation (apartment or hotel room), etc...

Nazounki Administrative and financial Team : Assistance for any administrative purpose (Visa, insurance etc...) Cost efficiency is the duty of our Administrative team. They will provide the right cost estimation before you take your decision.Then after your stay, they will review all the expenses and get a detailed bill related to your medical journey. Your paying party has the right to control and has a real time access to the expenses. No extras surcharges will be accepted out of emergency, without prior authorization. We provide the right care, at the best costs.

Cost / Quality Management : We select only the greatest specialists and Professor, as well as the best equipped health centre. We don’t bargain with the Specialists because we want them to deliver the best cares to our patients without any kind of constraints; The less the patient spends time abroad, the more savings we are going to make for him. Therefore, the aim is not to lower the quality of the medical care but to have a very tight planning to lower the duration of the stay abroad.

Control of medical expenses : We make sure that the fares are justified and usual. We keep in touch with the financial departments in charge of paying for your medical care and alert them whenever there are complications in your disease requiring extra costs. Finally, we invite our customers and financial services once a year to check with them all the invoices to ensure transparency.

A network over than  1500 specialists and professors internationally recognised

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