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    Medical evacuations
    Confidence, Effeciency and Professionalism

    Are the Key words as we deal with Patient's Life
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    All solutions are developed by professional technicians under control of the medical board.

    No compromise on security and confidentiality

Health care Engineering

You can request Nazounki for advice or to lead a project if you have specific needs in terms of equipment, human resources and/ or organizational aspects.

We can assist you to build a High standard medical center in your environment, allowing you to deliver the right medical care

Make study and services such as :

  • Definition of the staff required
  • Identification of the positions needed and recruitment.
  • Structure the activity in order to optimize resources and improve the quality of health care
  • Definition of the medical equipment required.

For upgrading a medical center  we offer the following studies:

  • Impact on the environment and society
  • Technical aspects
  • Feasibility
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance of medical equipment
  • Plans
  • Layout
  • Constructions

A network over than  1500 specialists and professors internationally recognised

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