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    Medical evacuations
    Confidence, Effeciency and Professionalism

    Are the Key words as we deal with Patient's Life
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    All solutions are developed by professional technicians under control of the medical board.

    No compromise on security and confidentiality

E-Health & ICT

Our e-health solutions : Dr. Gnoumou noticed that very often medical files were incomplete; time was thus spent to recover information delaying decision-making with specialists. The smallest missing detail can delay the diagnosis and increase costs. Very quickly we created, with the help of Engineers:

FUENI , the electronic medical record. It's a powerful tool created by doctors in order to improve and empower their daily practices and confirm the implementation of the medical protocol for each patient. It allows several specialists worldwide to focus on one same patient. They share sophisticated images such as MRIs or CT scans in a diagnostic format. System Client server, Local or web based, or Cloud solution is available. Completely scalable you can opt for open source or not. It is dedicated to help professionals (Clinicians, Paramedics, Public health professionals, nurses, etc ...) Hospitals and decision maker to take the right decisions .






GNISSAN: The Mobile Care Unit for remote diagnostic is a unique stand multi-device examination system for portable or stationary use, controlled by a dedicated touch screen interface. Connected to a central data base, it allows specialists to assist or perform a medical checkup remotely. The MCU is electronically connected to doctors/hospitals allowing remote care. The hospital comes to people who otherwise would not have access to doctors.







SAGESSE Medical is a Global System of Electronic Actions for Health and Medical Education. It is a global concept which gathers the most powerful tools for Physicians, Hospitals, Health Center Managers and Health authorities at a ministerial level.

This solution is constantly updated with new medical information, not only it enables continuous trainings for Physicians but also allows surveillance and pandemic alerts. As complete and sophisticated as it is, Sagesse medical is very user friendly. It has been designed to be installed in a progressive way, according to different needs and budgets. Each module is Powerfull and individually operational.

A network over than  1500 specialists and professors internationally recognised

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